Professor Ology© (English)

A young man very educated, beautiful, strong and arrogant was going back home after successful long years of studies. He was on his way to his parents, brave farmers, for a few days of vacation. After long hours on roads almost impassible, he was now sailing on the calm and long river separating him from his native home, comfortably installed on a pirogue chartered specifically for him.

Not supporting the silence and the reserve of the boatman, an old man with gray hair, he decided to make the conversation. Instead of talking to the Patriarch, e.g. asking him why he travelled the River along its length in the direction of the current to cross through four kilometers farther, and then walk it up to the level where they have taken the pirogue, the young scholar began to display his knowledge.
He bothered the old man with a flood of uninterrupted words on various subjects which the poor registered only the end of the names "Ology" He was too busy focusing on the powerful current of the river, which was generated by an invisible whirlpool area. That was the reason why they have made a detour, to not be absorbed, pirogue, passenger, and boatman.

Distinguished swimmers and divers, formerly intrigued, decided to clarify the phenomenon, had lost their lives before a simple fisherman explains the mystery. Meanwhile, the drown divers had given birth to the legend of the big fish/snake that ate people, because there were witnesses of their sudden and abrupt aspiration towards the bottom of the river.

After this tragedy, the old boatman, then young fisherman, had undertaken to observe for years, animals, leaves, logs, at this area of the River. It was found that everything suddenly disappeared and certain things, large logs, emerged from the water more downstream. He took his breath, plunged and said its last prayers when he understood the danger of his adventure. He decided to die, then this was the will of the gods of trees and water and he did not struggle against the current.

He came out of water more below, with the same strength when he had been sucked. He used his last breath to swim to the shore. A witness of fortune, who came to gather berries, had seen all. He ran to the village to announce the good news: Vondo defeated the snake! There will be no more drowning!

Vondo, tired, was welcomed as a hero but he explained to the village that there wasn’t any snake, no fish nor monster, but a terrible force that attracts any object to the background and release it more below. Now, they needed to mimic the Buffalos that he had observed, to cross the River by swimming ashore or with a pirogue. If somebody was drawn by misfortune, he had to let go, not wrestle, to highlight perhaps living below.

River returned to good practicable but with a lot of caution. The inhabitants of both shores won a fifty kilometers shortcut to see each other, meanwhile waiting for hypothetical construction of a bridge. Who better than Vondo to pick up their son, had though the parents of the young professor in chemistry, biology archeology and mathematics, now nicknamed Professor “Ology” by the old boatman.

Suddenly, a convulsion shook the boat and the young Professor Ology fell into the water. The old man leaned and asked him: Professor Ology, do you know any "swim ology"? "No!" "I can't swim!" Said the boy
"Then grip my paddle, young man, you obviously still learn!" “Come on, you will dry yourself in front of the fire, meanwhile I will tell you about the River and the forest, the fire and the water”

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