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Despercia and Enchantia

In a small village called Despercia, two druids began a fight to decide which magic was the best for the villagers. They had been suffering from hungriness, disappointment, poverty, illnesses, and despair etc. for a long time.
The first druid wanted them to move to a wonderland called Utopia where they could live happy forever! “They are too tired for it, and too smart to follow you there!” the second argued.
His opponent was convinced that he could keep the peasants safe in Despercia if they agree to make more sacrifices in an effort to save themselves and their village.
“Foolish! Can't you see that they have enough?”
Powerless, the elders had abandoned the table of the Council, persuaded that there was nothing else to do but wait and hope for a miracle.
The oracles were announcing bad omens and had retired from the discussions.
While invectives, boasts and rantings were fueling the discourses of the Druids continuously,
Enchantia, formerly banned sorceress of Despercia returned back, to make fun of the Druids and to hear the suffering of the poor people exhausted by hard work and long years of pain.
She saw that they were hungry and feed them with hope.
She saw that they were afraid and filled their hearts with bravery.
She saw that they were craving social recognition and she heaped them with respect.
Before even their granaries were provided with corn, their jars were filled with water and wine, their fears were soothed, the unfortunates went off with the enchantress, one after another, without a backward glance at the Druids who continued their quarrel. They disappeared and no one saw them again.
Stricken with remorse and sorrow, the two druids cried so much that their tears formed a stream then a torrent.  The torrent became a tumultuous river that flooded the Valley and swept everything away. 
Nothing remained of Despercia!

Les Villageois de l'enchanteresse
Le jour des résultats, 
Des larmes vont couler
Oh! Oh! Sam! Sam! Sam!
Des larmes vont couler.

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